The Bowart wallpaper is a non-woven 3D wallpaper. It is a unique wallpaper with which an image or (repeating) print can be created with a structure. In addition to the standard full colour wallpaper, it is also possible to choose for a gold or silver look wallpaper.

Would you like to create a unique effect but at the same time like to paint your wall in a desired colour? Make your painted wall unique by choosing our Flame collection. Choose a desired 3D pattern from our Flame collection, mount the wallpaper on the desired wall and paint it in the colour of your choice. This way you create a unique wall in any desired colour.


Bowart wallpaper is a unique non-woven wallpaper. The wallpaper is easy to process and a wallpaper table isn’t needed. Glue for heavy non-woven wallpaper should be used to assembly the Bowart wallpaper. The glue should be applied on the wall and not onto the wallpaper.



Are you choosing wallpaper from our Flame collection? A wall paint can be used to provide the wall with any desired colour. Choose a solid colour, colour with various effects (matte of metallic) or go for a special effect by using decorative wall paint.